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At the time the first edition of this chapter was written, in the troubled fall of 2011, residential real estate was getting a lot of bad press. According to news accounts of the day, this troubled market was the root cause of one of the worst global economic meltdowns in modern history. It all began with speculation in residential real estate markets in the United States, many European countries and even China. Bad loans to unqualified investors were made in the trillions of dollars (no exaggeration). When it became apparent that default rates would be high on most of those loans, a rolling panic set in that impacted one major bank after another, threatening many of the largest banks in the world with bankruptcy. Some banks and brokerage houses with famous names, like Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Merrill-Lynch, Washington Mutual, and many more, did fail, and the others were saved only when the Federal Reserve System purchased more than $1 trillion of bad mortgages from them.

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